Organizing Strategy Coaching

A head shot of a white man with short, brown hair, a beard, moustache and sideburns. He's smiling, leaning against a wall with his arms folded in front of him. He wears a light blue denim shirt and has a tattoo on his left forearm. A quote next to him reads "Mira was an effective and engaging thought partner, and our conversations helped me test and develop my strategic thinking about the future of my organizing program.”

What comes to mind when you hear the word “coaching?”

For a lot of organizers, it’s football, small businesses or that episode of “Mom” where Bonnie (Alison Janney) declares herself a “life coach.”

For both seasoned and new organizers, a coach can help bring their success to a whole new level.

When I coach organizers and organizing directors, the conversation can take many forms, including:

  • Thought partnership for organizing leaders
  • Fine-tuning new campaign ideas
  • Supporting organizers as they move up to leadership roles
  • A new perspective on challenges within a campaign
  • Sharing experience from a more senior organizer
  • Application of concepts and skills from organizing education
  • Refining and strengthening organizing skills
  • Keeping organizers on track
  • Answering questions and checking plans

Have you ever wished there was someone with whom you (or organizers on your team) could talk through a problem or plan?

There is. That person is called an organizing coach.

To talk more about what coaching could look like for you or your staff, reach out! We’ll find a time to explore the possibilities.