About Mira

Mira Weinstein, Founder and Organizer-in-Chief

Photo credit: @steadyjenny

Mira has a thirty-five year history leading political and organizing campaigns. Her first campaign was in 1988, when she might have been the only person in America who thought Michael Dukakis could win. She also thought that if we could just elect all the right people, we could solve all our problems.

When none of those things happened, her theory of change evolved. Mira launched Organizing to Win when she realized that her dream was to help bring people together to build power.

She’s directed successful organizing and mobilization campaigns with feminist activists, union members, teachers and gun violence prevention activists. She’s also directed regional field operations for two statewide ballot measures and provided campaign strategy and direction for many candidate campaigns. 

In statewide campaigns with union members in California, Colorado and Florida, Mira’s leadership resulted in significant membership growth, budget and legislative victories, identification of hundreds of new leaders and many election day wins.

She designed and facilitated training programs, ranging from a six-month organizing education program for an interfaith climate justice organization to short 15 minute drills to help canvassers move undecided voters. Her strength is designing interactive workshops where participants can see themselves in the work.

Mira plans campaigns to disrupt white supremacy culture, recognizing the wide variety of experiences that organizers and activists bring to the work. Her guiding principle is that we learn oppression and must actively work to unlearn and dismantle it.