Safe Canvassing or Someone Always Calls the Cops Part II

volunteers preparing to canvass. About 100 people standing on grass in front of trees cheering with their fists raised in the air. There are a house and a canopy in the background and a canopy on the side. The sky is blue and clear.

As canvassing season heats up again, I’ve been thinking about how to keep canvassers safe.

From traffic.

From the heat.

From dogs.

Also from residents and police officers who haven’t read the memo that canvassing is first Amendment protected free speech. Especially if those canvassers are people of color.

Safety for canvassers means more than working in pairs and using crosswalks.

It also means protecting canvassers of color from harassment by residents and the cops.

If you are also thinking about ways to protect canvassers from this particular appearance of white supremacy culture, here are a few tips. They can help prepare your team for safe canvassing and deal with incidents if they happen anyway.

With these steps – and probably others – you can keep your campaign on track and support the canvassers

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