Organizing Rules to Live By

image with green background. Photo of Frederick Douglass with quote "Power concedes nothing without a demand" in white letters. Photo of Fred Ross Sr. and Dolores Huerta, with quote: "The mark of a good organizer is the attention she pays to the smallest detail" in white letters. Words read: Organizing Rules to Live By in grey letters.

Originally published in January 2022

Recently, I was part of a facilitation and coaching team for a multi-month training program for new organizers in the education space. As a training team, together we have over 150 years of organizing experience. What I learned from that team . . . Wow. Can’t be found in any book.

Over six months of the training, I heard us share many traditional and not so traditional organizing truisms.

I call them “Organizing Rules to Live By.”

With appreciation and thanks to the Community Organizer Training Program facilitation team, here are the top 10, with attribution where appropriate.

  1. Iron rule: Never do for someone what they can do for themself. (Industrial Areas Foundation)
  2. “The mark of a good organizer is the attention she pays to the smallest details.” (Fred Ross, Sr.)*
  3. People are experts in their own lives.
  4. We can’t be afraid to talk about power.
  5. Solutions should be led by those closest to the problem.
  6. “Organizing is transformational.” (Cathy Sarri, my first organizing supervisor)
  7. People do things when we ask them.
  8. Never thank people for doing something that benefits them.
  9. “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” (Frederick Douglass)
  10. Organizing is bringing people together to build power.

You will also see these rules on social media (@organizingtowin).

Post your own organizing rules to live by in the comments!

*Yes. Fred Ross said “she.”

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