Strategic campaigns and organizing education that go beyond winning to building power.

Woman with shoulder length brown hair, smiling. Wearing a dark jacket over a dark t-shirt. Picketers with signs reading "UNITE HERE" in the background
credit: UNITE HERE Local 11

– Ada BriceƱo, Orange County Democratic Party Chair and Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11

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credit: Batey family

“As our union went through a rocky transition period, Mira steadily guided our leadership team through our first convention, high stakes regional member meetings and a successful signature collection campaign. With her support, our union came out of a difficult period stronger, more united and ready for the struggles ahead. She really knows what makes a campaign strategic.”

  • – Stephanie Batey, former SEIU chief of staff

We design winning strategies for social justice, labor and membership organizations, in addition to political campaigns.

LA teachers and education activists build a strategy for education justice.

To achieve lasting change, we have to do more than win. We must build power. We’ll collaborate to design a strategy that brings people together to build power – using the opportunity of the campaign to do it.

We win campaigns.

One-third of the campaign trifecta: people!

A winning campaign plan is about three things: people, time and money. Let’s work together to make the best use of all three – and win!

We facilitate the difficult conversations.

white posterboard sign that reads White silence equals violence. Held by a white man with curly brown hair in sunglasses and a sleeveless shirt.
Black Lives Matter demonstration in Orange, CA

Justice means more than passing some new laws or a better recruitment process. To live out our values of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging we must unlearn what we think is normal. Our white supremacy disruption programs are custom-designed, based on building relationships, unlearning harmful traditions and building new culture. Warning: light bulb moments ahead.

Our individual and small group coaching helps you “think out loud.” 

Photo by @hirschi_creative via Unsplash

From beginner to expert, all organizers need some support. From applying new skills to thinking through challenges, a thought partner can make a good campaign great. Our coaching support uses the foundational tool of organizing – one-on-one meetings – to help organizers build their practice, guide them through challenges and inspire the best ideas.

We provide organizing education so your staff, members and volunteers can build power faster.

Teachers and education activists practice organizing skills during a session of a monthly organizing training series.

Culturally sensitive, interactive and inspiring, our capacity-building sessions range from 15-minute drills to move undecided voters to comprehensive training for major campaigns and everything in between.

We help you message your values to connect authentically with your audience. 

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Authentic stories connect members, volunteers, voters and donors to an organization, campaign and even to each other. We help you sound like a person, not a news release.

Contact us to talk about building power.